Hop Chong Auto Parts Co Ltd

Parts repair, overhaul and rebuild service

Parts procurement and sourcing service

Just-In-Time delivery


We uniquely position ourselves as spare parts specialist and provide excellent one-stop service to our commercial customers for the smooth operations of their fleet of vehicles and machineries.  Our spare parts sourcing service offers our customers peace of mind which allows them to focus on repair and maintenance, keeping their fleet of vehicles and machineries always at optimal performance.  Hence, saving procurement costs on man-hours, time and money.


We operate 1 retail outlet and 2 warehouse-workstations in Hong Kong.  They are strategically located around our commercial customers in Cheung Sha Wan.  Physically closer to our customers means shorter turn around time with faster and greater service respond, which allows us to serve our customers more efficiently and effectively, hence better customer service. 


In addition, no matter you are just around the corner or at remote areas in Hong Kong, our delivery vehicles are always ready to deliver the needed parts to you at no extra cost.


What's more?  Our commercial customers relay on our spare parts sourcing and support service for daily repair and maintenance of their fleet of vehicles and machineries. 



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